Anoka Music Video 2017

Can You Hear the Call?

Anoka Music Video 2017 // Can You Hear the Call?

It has been an amazing time working with the community of Anoka to create the Anoka Music Video of 2017. The initial idea of this music video was inspired by the toe-tapping melodies of a growing musical genre I had recently been introduced to: Electro Swing. More specifically, The Electric Swing Circus.

Hibbity-hop skippity-bop doop-a-doo-waa rang through the padded ears of by wireless Beats, as my feet were jazzing along as if independent of my body. Thanks to the rolling movement of my Zynergy office chair, my hips were swinging to every sultry tune, every song of the playlist more irresistible than the one before. Slide trombones and brassy trumpets led the blending of a vintage sound from the 1920’s-1940’s, with jazzy modern accents of hip-hop, EDM, and house music. The music infusion was my new addiction, as much as it was a marketing inspiration.

Downtown Anoka really is a unique world of its own. The history of our town spans across cultural divides through technological and governmental development. From the 1600’s to today, Anoka is rich with a history of to be proud of and to learn from. Today, Anoka boasts a blend of modern-day services and experiences based in a historic small town settings. This is a community dedicated to the growth of our economy and technology, while preserving the historical roots that have made our town what it is today.

Electro swing felt like a melodious depiction of Anoka with the energy, the vintage platform enhanced by modern-day styles. This was the perfect opportunity to bring more of Anoka together. Since moving our digital marketing and website design business to Anoka in 2015, I’d been wanting to show the town how much we could accomplish if we worked together a little more. By bringing the right shops, services and local companies together on a shared project, we were able to keep time and cost commitments to a very minimum, while extending the possibilities for our reach! When everyone gives a little toward the same goal, we all achieve more than we could have on our own.

In the instance of the Anoka Music Video of 2017, everyone gave a little. Shops committed to a time investment of less than 15 minutes, and a small financial investment to help cover costs. The talent and production team each had their individual commitments, equalling out to just a matter of hours for practice and final performance. With relatively minimal effort from each individual, our collaboration and cooperation came together to produce a relatively in-depth project! Yes, we wanted this Anoka Music Video to reach the masses and invite more of the world to visit our small town. But we also wanted it to be a great example of how much more we can achieve when we work together!

And now, without further ado, we are proud to premiere the Anoka Music Video of 2017: Can You Hear the Call?

Can You Hear the Call? // Anoka Music Video 2017

A special thanks to the amazing people of the Electric Swing Circus for participation in the Anoka Music Video!

Anoka Music Video 2017 // Can You Hear the Call?

Even in the height of their United Kingdom Tour, the Electric Swing Circus took interest in our project and were excited to be a part of our production. Providing us with the musical genius that is the instrumental version of EMPIRES, they trusted us with the remake of one of their most popular songs. Wanting to make them [Electric Swing Circus], and Anoka, proud, we were excited and nervous to write the new lyrics. To assimilate Anoka’s historic past and modern-day perks into the lyrics of an original musical masterpiece was as intimidating as it was an honor. Thankfully, I had the vocal talents of Miss Kelli Massey, and Miss EmilyAnne Wark to deliver the new lyrics over the original song structure, along with the amazing audio production skills of our Mix Engineer Eric Marsh, to bring it all together and sound fantastic. Hopefully, we did the original song justice!

Please take a moment to check out the



and all the Electro Swing musical magistry they offer. Invite your friends to like their Facebook page. Share their videos on YouTube. Add them to your Spotify playlists! We’d love to be on their radar when they make plans for their US Tour, and want them to know how much ANOKA LOVES THE ELECTRIC SWING CIRCUS!

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