Anoka County Historical Society

Since 1934, ACHS has beed dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Anoka County. Located on 3rd Ave, a block north of Main street in downtown Anoka, they are excelling. This non-profit organization brings the stories of Anoka County’s past, back to life and a perfect example of this is The Ghost of Anoka Walking Tour. Do you have an interest in spooky stories about real ghost encounters? Have you heard that Anoka is The Halloween capital of the World? If you awnsered “YES!” to both of those questions, then it is time for you to discover the history, and experience the mystery on the Ghost of Anoka walking tour. This tour is about one mile long, with many stops. One of our favorite stops is Emerald Isle, the old Anoka post office which is now a antique shop.

Perfect Fall Adventure

October is here! Halloween in Anoka is in full force. Imagine this: Crisp cool air fills the space around you, your friends/family and the costume dressed walking tour guide. For an awesome price of $9.00 for adults and $7.00 for children 6-17, bundle up in your favorite fall/halloween themed outfits for an experience of a lifetime. The Halloween energy and spookiness is evident in the Ghost of Anoka walking tour and will create memories that you will hold very close to your heart. This experience elevates the excitment of Halloween in Anoka by telling true stories that have happened in our haunted city. The Anoka Historical Society explains a few stories:

“There is a house where the rocking chair rocks with no one sitting in it. A business in town has employees who won’t enter parts of the building because of the woman seen only in a mirror. There are doors that lock themselves, displays that change on their own, cold drafts…..might they all speak of things unexplained?”

Emerald Isle

Across the approximate 1-mile tour distance, you will hear many real-life ghost stories. One of our favorite stops is Emerald Isle, the old Anoka post office.

Emerald Isle is a antique, gift and collectibles shop, sitting right on Main Street in downtown Anoka, owned by a dedicated family team with a passion for antiques and history. Emerald Isle has a mission to rescue and preserve symbols and survivors of history. The special things that bring happiness just to see them again. The memories of our lives, childhoods, and the people we love and remember so fondly. This location is a very important aspect to the walking tour because of their passion for preserving history, which aligns with the purpose of the Ghost tour to Discover history. Both Emerald Isle and the walking tour, bring history back to life.

The Ghost tour of Anoka will be an experience you will never forget. Gather a group of friends, family or a date for a spook-tac-ular evening in Anoka.

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