As if it being friYAY wasn’t good enough, Two Scoops in downtown Anoka is celebrating 7 years of service. A lifelong dream, Two Scoops was opened in the fall of 2010 by founders Rick and Cherie Ritter. With 107 flavors of icecream total being switched in and out constantly, you are bound to find your favorite! My two favorites are the Munchie Madness and Snap-O-Lantern. YUM!

Where Can You Find Them?

Two Scoops is located in downtown Anoka – immediately south of Main Street on 2nd Avenue.   Free parking is conveniently available at the Walker Plaza public ramp accross the street!

Friendly Icecream Service

On Monday of this week,  I was craving icecream. I mean, when am I not? But, Monday I was extra craving icecream. As I sat at my desk, I couldnt help but wonder what wonderful flavors Two Scoops was offering that day. After pondering back and forth on whether or not to get up and stroll over, I did it.

When I walked into the icecream shop, I was welcomed with a very pleasent and warm smile. This smile came from a Two Scoops employee named Olivia Tollefson and I had the pleasure of getting to know her, while picking out the perfect flavor. Olivia is 16 years old, a student at Totino Grace High school and started working at Two Scoops in May of this year. This is Olivia’s first job and she absolutely loves it. She told me her favorite part is the people she works with. How cool is that?

Family Story

Olivia and I continued to conversate about how she came upon working at Two Scoops and the story caught my heart. She went on to tell me that ever since Two Scoops opened in Anoka, her family would go there after church every Sunday. The deal was, if you were good in church- you got icecream! Sounds like a sweet deal to me. This tradition means so much to Olivia, that when she came of age to look for a job- Two Scoops was her first choice!

It’s stories like this, that make a small business what it is. This story represents the family oriented and community driven service that Two Scoops provides to the community of Anoka.

Community Support

Along with being an extremly family- oriented business, Two Scoops is big on community support. For the past two years, they have sponsored an Anoka Ambassador candidate. In the fall of 2016, they sponsored Lilly Cich and they are currently sponsoring Brigitte Neumann. Both incredible girls, representing an incredible business. The ambassador program has a mission to empower 50 girls, year after year, and inspire them to make a positive change in this world. By sponsoring a candidate, Two Scoops is helping empower these young women.

Thank you Two Scoops for their friendly service, family-oriented shop, and community support. The community supports them right back. Make sure you stop by today to enjoy $1 off two scoops of icecream in celebration of 7 years of business.

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